About Us



The Clay Springs Pinedale Volunteer Fire Department

is a fire district whose board and personnel

are committed to providing Life Safety,

Incident Stabilization and Loss Control

through quick response and mitigation of

fire, medical, vehicular and other emergencies when

dispatched for the protection of the residents and

visitors within its jurisdiction.


Our Fire Board

Bob Quackenbush – Board Chairman

Mike Neill -Secretary

Joe Holyoak -Board Member

David Flores – Treasure

Sue Hileman – Board Member


Clay Springs Pinedale Fire Personnel

Bob Garvin                                      Fire Chief

Del Etter                                         Assistant Chief

Jason Craven                                 Wildland Coordinator

Coman Garvin                                Maintenance Coordinator

Starla Kizzar                                   Office Clerk & EMS Captain

Victoria Turner                               Training Officer

Terry Musil                                     Clay Springs Station Captain

Tom Blaine                                     Pinedale Station Captain

Debbie Bowsher

Charlie Brown

Barry Bunzel

Champ Garvin

Cory Garvin

Brittany Hunsaker

Dawson Kizzar

Brian Maxwell

Robert Morrow

Jake Peterson

Aaron Rexroat

Kyle Rexroat

Todd Rexroat

Jim Rogers

Will Sloan

Russ Turner

Jim Wortham                                  Webmaster/Technical Services


               Our Red Shirt Program – Future Fire Fighters

Erica Adams

Karah Adams

Emerald Kizzar